Forging Machineries

Our broad production capacity lets us manufacture products that range between 0,500 and 60 kg. Therefore, we possess the following machinery:

Double-effect hammers-Stroke energy 1, 200-11,000 Kgm
Vertical press- Strength 600 Tn.
Pressing device for 50 mm. bars.
Drop hammers 140-300 Kg.
Beams- Strengh 100-200 Tn.
Eccentric and friction presses- Strenght 80-300 Tn.
Compressors-Effective capacity 4.2- 26.5 m3 minutes.
Heating furnaces and 5 furnaces for thermic treatment with electronic temperature control.
Granalad equipments- Load capacity 200 Kg. each.
Crane bridges with a useful load of 3 Tn. each.
Rolling mill for rolling materials up to 50*50 mm.
Máquinas de corte en frío para barras de acero de hasta 150 mm. de sección. Resistencia de 60 kg/mm2 y potencia de 350 Tn. y 1600 Tn. de potencia.
Electromagnetic fissure detector.
Microscope works optics.
Durometer Rockwell.
Durometer Brinell.
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